Professional Personal Trainers

Personal Fitness Trainers in Las Vegas

What kind of workouts can I expect?
Trulyfit360 knows that figuring out what to do can be a challenge. Whether you want to simply build muscle, drop bodyfat or increase endurance. We put together programs that will get you to your goals. We see our clients as partners and WE want you to get to your goals. The workouts vary from boxing, to kettlebell routines,calisthenics and core work. 

     Advantages of having a personal trainer:

  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Effective Workouts
  • Support system

4 sessions per month $160
8 sessions per month $280
12 sessions per month $360
16 sessions per month $400

Jump in session $50 per session
Contact info: 323-327-8319
*One time Workout to get your body pumped, blood flowing and Muscles moving.

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We work with individuals from all walks of life. If you have the WILL the possibilities are endless. Lets make great things happen and reach your goals. The positive energy and excitement will make you more enthusiastic in your journey.

We are here to Motivate the Community and get Results.